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Kids Watch

  • Kids Smart Watch

    Kids Smart Watch

    Children's issues are a very hot topic all over the world. Every year, the country will make some corresponding measures for the safety of children, but it still can't prevent children from falling. With the rise of wearable devices, the Kids Smart Watch has also emerged in...Read More
  • 4G Watch for Children

    4G Watch for Children

    4G Watch for Children, a new communication tool that integrates functions such as watch, call, and positioning, has been sought after by many young parents in recent years. At present, the phone watch function for child safety positioning is also very complete.Read More
  • 4G Watch

    4G Watch

    This kind of 4G Watch can be called a telephone watch. These products are mainly designed for consumers who are not comfortable using their smartphones. For example, children are not convenient to carry mobile phones while they are playing, and parents need to contact the...Read More
  • 4G Kids Smart Watch Designed with Qualcomm Chip

    4G Kids Smart Watch Designed with Qualcomm Chip

    Specification/Configuration Feature a.4G Kids smart watch b. Real Time Positioning c. Step Gauge d. Electronic Fence e. Anti-loss Alarm f. Education application for studying g. App control more convenient Our factory: Hongtian was founded in 2008, specializing in R&D,...Read More