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A future trend in Laptop
Sep 25, 2017

We sum up this state and trend into three key words -- frivolity, fashion and diversity.

1, thin and light

The design of the portable model can best highlight a brand's R & D and design strength. The world continues to break the thickness and weight of the most frivolous models of the record, to help enhance their own brand image is enormous, so many brands in the development of lightweight portable models on never spare no effort. As a result, the frivolous struggle in the field of notebook computers has never stopped since the last century, and this thin road also caters to the increasing demand for portability. From Toshiba Portege 2000, ASUS S200 to SONY VAO X505AP, and now to the Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010, portable models have even done so, such as a magazine frivolous.

2, fashion

Because of the strength of the brand's R & D, the brand naturally hopes to introduce more avant-garde and more fashionable designs into the portable models. Still, there are two aspects of fashion - the stylish design and the trendy cutting-edge technology. The introduction of LED backlight screen and carbon fiber material has created the classic of SONY VAIO XBOBAP, and again, the leather material used in ASUS S6F has also been regarded as a bold breakthrough in industrial design. The fashion of appearance and technology ensures that portable models can evolve as quickly as possible while achieving business value.

3, diversification

Now on the market of 12 inches and 12 inch Laptop computer has up to 200 models, technology evolution and design rich makes these products showing a trend of diversification, the selling point is not exactly the same. For example, with GeForce Go 7400 mobile graphics DELL XPS 1210, mobile entertainment as a selling point, integrated hard disk password and fingerprint identification of SONY VGN-TX56, bias fashion business

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