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How to choose a safe children's smart watch?
Sep 25, 2017

Before purchase: location, batteries, radiation are important

Parents buy smart watches original intention is simple: safety. All functions and selection criteria revolve around these two words, so the factors of these dimensions must be taken into account before purchasing.

1, the smaller the positioning error, the better. Children's smart watches as early as "anti lost artifact" identity appears, mainly for children and parents lost, parents can find the child's position in time. Therefore, the positioning technology and accuracy is the most critical.

2, standby time is very important. The accurate positioning, no electricity is also no good. The watch dial can accommodate the smaller, limited battery capacity, while the majority of watches are adopting electronic screen, power consumption is very fast, remember a lot of LCD screen for the standby time is too short and the bracelet abandoned by the market's story. Therefore, the standby time ranks second.

3, data transmission must be encrypted. In the CCTV report, some children can watch intelligent hackers easily into the background, or even a direct call to action and see the trajectory of a child, the key problem is that the private communication protocol manufacturers have not developed, the data transmission process of eavesdropping. Therefore, in selecting, we must see whether manufacturers have deliberately stressed the use of their own communications encryption technology, data on the private cloud.

4, eavesdropping function is best not to. Some children watch in propaganda, one of the main function is remote pickup, because parents can remotely understand the environment in which children live. But this is really a tasteless function. In fact, the teachers are most disgusted with the smart watch is this function, and even refused to children, Dai Zhineng watch class, can not wear, and then good function, what use?

5, the radiation is not excessive. The media had tested, some children smart watches over the standard radiation hundreds of times on the phone, this is because many manufacturers did not design the radiation to watch according to the communication standard of the product, but as a child every day to wear products, this value must pay attention to, if the vendor does not indicate this in the numerical parameter settings, you can query to the Ministry of telecommunications equipment for the site, if there is a network license, through the formal testing, do not worry about radiation exceed the standard.

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