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Medical tablets have become standard products in hospitals
Sep 25, 2017

We have time to go to the hospital to see the doctor, every time that "personalized" font dazzling, more likely because of the same department, hospital doctors for medical records of the handwriting illegible once again to ask the patient to patient history, effective and comprehensive disease management. Now, only need the help of tablet computer, the doctor can be written into the patient's condition after the standard font, and then uploaded to the hospital database, so it may be more accurate, timely and comprehensive understanding of the history and details of treatment in patients with the process.

Mobile ward round

The doctor can check the patient's information at any time by means of the portable F5 medical tablet computer. No need to carry a lot of paper information, the disease can be more accurate, timely, comprehensive understanding of the patient's medical history, details and treatment process. At the same time, with the rounds of nurses and communication software, timely access to the patient's latest situation, the doctor's rounds work becomes simple and easy, and patients can be timely and accurate treatment.

Mobile list

In many cases, medical accidents are caused by errors in the infusion. What's more, doctors can solve the problem of transfusion in the complex environment such as limited space and large mobility due to the mobile infusion management system. The medical staff of patients in the process of transfusion medicine, dispensing and transfusion all process information by Levin F5 medical tablet computer operation, the medical staff at a glance, effectively prevent the previous manual operation risks, realize the right patient, drugs, dosage, time, usage specification.

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