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Tablet PC applications in transportation
Sep 25, 2017

China's  Tablet PC sales in the industry will reach 9 million 86 thousand and 800 units, sales will reach 17 billion 941 million yuan. The application of  tablet computers in education, catering and medical industry has received extensive attention, and the industry has been further applied in many industries, such as education, catering, medical treatment and so on.

The mobility of the traffic police is prominent, and the staff are responsible for ensuring that the road traffic is orderly, safe and unblocked, and that they can not use computers and other information tools in the workplace to deal with the frontline business. Front-line personnel often have to search a lot of information in real time, but the current communication mode is single, it is difficult to deal with emergencies, emergency or heavy workload timely. In addition, the front-line business is more complex, multiple links, batches, locations repeated work, resulting in omissions and errors of risk.

tablet computer will help the intelligent transportation, real-time license plate information, real-time query, mobile damage, illegal punishment, inquire relevant information and documents. In 2012, the Chinese market has reached 227 thousand and 800 units in the transport sector, and by 2015, the size of the tablet PC will reach 553 thousand and 600 units in the transport sector.

If you can archive the final processing content to the unit system in real time, the workload will be reduced and the work efficiency will be improved. Mobile transportation solutions rely on tablet computers to extend their work systems to front-line staff. Traffic police use tablet computers to connect remote data center system servers to achieve business processing, information search, liaison, communication and other functions.


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