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Tablet PC benefits food industry safety
Sep 25, 2017

At present, China's food industry, even China ten food brands in the production process and there are also some pollution problems, including sewage, dust, noise, solid waste, seriously hindered the competition in the domestic Chinese international development. To speed up the clean production of food processing, the need to reduce the raw materials from the source to the final disposal of the adverse effects of the whole life cycle. Industrial Tablet PC benefits food industry safety.

Food processors need to fully grasp the relevant information in food production, transportation, storage and other processes, so as to eliminate the food safety concerns through an intuitive and transparent information. All these are needed to support the automation system and the technology of higher standard, so that food enterprises to improve production efficiency, to meet the needs of the scale of production; to ensure food quality and safety; reduce the labor intensity, reduce labor costs; to achieve safe production and reduce energy and resource consumption. The focus of the automation of food equipment is drive control, detection, sensing, network control, remote control, and information processing technology, etc..

With the rapid development of electronic industry, industrial automation and tablet computer will manipulate the agricultural products processing robot development from the part of food machinery automation to no one, the processing of agricultural products will become highly technology intensive industries. In order to promote the automation of food machinery reasonably, we should choose the priority of automation, choose the reasonable automation mode, and promote the automation process step by step in order to meet the actual production situation.

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