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What are the classifications of smart watches
Nov 15, 2018

What are the classifications of smart watches?

   A smart watch has information processing capabilities, and the watch conforms to the basic technical requirements of the watch. In addition to the indicated time, it should also have one or more functions such as reminder, navigation, calibration, monitoring, interaction, etc.; display modes include pointers, numbers, and images. Wait.

Classification of smart watches:

1. Smart watch with call function: It is a technology-inserted SIM card with a smartphone in the form of a watch. Most of the currently used Android systems are on the market.

2, smart watch without call function: relying on the connection of the smart phone to achieve multi-function, can simultaneously operate the phone, text messages, mail, photos, music, etc. in the phone.

According to the different positioning of our watches, the functions of their watches are also different. At present, the types of smart watches are mainly adult smart watches, children's smart watches, and smart watches for the elderly. If you need a smart watch, you can contact us to support personalized customization. .

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