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What kind of children's smart watches are considered safe?
Sep 25, 2017

Parents how to choose the right, the true quality of children's smart watches?

First, ultra low radiation, to ensure that children will not be radiation damage

As a product of science and technology, radiation is certainly unavoidable. Children develop mature, the ability to resist radiation is very vulnerable, such as: leukemia, mental hypoplasia, myopia and so on. To this end, the state provides that children's intelligent products radiation value must be below 2W/kg, parents in the purchase of children's smart watches for children, do not see the radiation value of the watch.

Two, to ensure privacy security, truly assured parents

Intelligent equipment and computers, are managed by a system to a variety of information, once the criminals drilled loopholes, then the child's position, contact with parents, dialogue and all privacy will leak. Since then, the children's wrist smart watches can not only play a role in the protection of children's security, but also become criminals tool of crime.

At the end of last year, CCTV-13's "Morning News" broadcast a smart watch news about children's vulnerability, the reporter traveled to the Internet security company to consult experts, experts also very detailed analysis of the causes of the small brands of smart watches loopholes, has also given a lot of valuable advice to choose the smart watch.

Three, the positioning is accurate, is directly related to the health of children

Parents will choose to buy children's smart watches for children, most of the reason is the positioning system of watches, positioning system is accurate, directly related to the safety of children. This, most parents in the purchase will be given priority confirmation.

Four, many functions

Positioning is one of the reasons parents give their children equipped with children's smart watches, but both as smart watches, then the function must involve many aspects. Such as: telephone communication, voice chat, a key, SOS, etc., and children have a direct relationship.

Five, the product is good, look at the software service will know

After the sale of a company's products, if the after-sales service is not in place, he is absolutely no sense of responsibility of the company. The children smart watch software service mainly what? It is actually very simple, just like the computer often self repair vulnerabilities, mobile phone for a long time will update the system, smart watches for children is also intelligent products, watches the system update is the main customer service service.

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