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Why smart watches hot?
Sep 25, 2017

Smart watches have been around for many years. As early as 1983, Seiko, a Japanese watch maker, produced an external keyboard for watches. But the difference between modern smart watches and those of data watches is the same as the difference between a smart phone and two boxes of ground phones made from a single wire.

In 2016, smart watches will be more popular with consumers, mainly for the following reasons.

1. each application is a killer application

When smart watches were introduced for the first time, people wanted to know what their killer apps would be, killer apps, the apps that a device must have. It turns out that, like smartphones, it depends on personal preferences. Call answering, text messaging, fitness tracking, health monitoring, wireless payments, weather information can be killer apps.

2. they bring together high-tech

Although smart watches initially have some flaws, but now smart watches have been quite popular, manufacturers are constantly optimizing the design, adjustment techniques. Progress in battery life and control schemes is particularly evident.

3. they are beautiful in appearance

The original smart watches were bulky and without aesthetic sense. The models of the 2016 show a stylish, light profile. In the design of the dial and strap material, color, there are many choices, can also be customized. Each piece can be a unique design.

4. they make life better

First of all, smart watches liberate us from the addiction of smartphones. In addition, the fitness tracker helps the wearer adhere to fitness goals and build a reasonable fitness program that really changes life.

5., they have been recognized by big name Watchmaker

More and more well-known watchmaker influx into the smart watch industry, these traditional tabulation masters want to have a share in the field, because they know that smart watches are the future trend.

6. powerful when traveling

Smart watches have powerful navigation capabilities that help wearers avoid getting lost while driving, sailing, and traveling.

7. talking to watches is futuristic

Talking to the watch would be fun, a bit of a science fiction hero in the 1950s. More practical, you can save a lot of time by using voice control applications, setting reminders, replying to mail, arranging meetings, and so on.

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