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Your future must need a smart watch
Sep 25, 2017

1, do not do slaves of mobile phones

This is also the most important reason why I buy smart watches, wearing smart watches, I do not need to go to the pocket once and again out of the phone, spend a lot of time looking and handling unimportant notice. Just get your cell phone back when you receive a really important message.

2. Stand up and take your legs

Besides viewing notifications, another important function of smart watches is to record movement data. Although many smart phones already have the ability to record sports, smart watches can always be on hand, and motion data records tend to be more accurate.

3, extended mobile phone life

Smart watches can see time, step counter, view notifications and many other features from the mobile phone to watch, we can reduce the use of intelligent mobile phone time, it can reduce the power consumption of smart mobile phone. The price, of course, is the need to recharge smart watches.

4, smart watches can also be high value of jewelry

Watches start to meet the time to see the function of the emergence, but as you can see more and more equipment around the time, the functional properties of watches continue to decline, decorative properties are becoming stronger and stronger.

5, more important than the use of smart wristbands

In addition to smart watches, another popular wearable devices are smart wristbands. Compared with bracelets, the biggest advantage of smart watches is that much larger screen

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