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Interactive White Board

The interactive whiteboard can communicate with the computer, connect the electronic whiteboard to the computer, and use the projector to project the contents of the computer onto the electronic whiteboard screen. With the support of a dedicated application, a large screen can be constructed and interacted with. Collaborative meeting or teaching environment.
Using a specific stylus instead of a mouse to operate on a whiteboard, you can run any application that can edit, annotate, save, etc. any operation that can be done on the computer using the keyboard and mouse.
Product composition
Integrated by hardware electronic sensor whiteboard and software whiteboard operating system. Its core components consist of an electronic sensor whiteboard, sensor pen, computer and projector. The electronic sensor whiteboard is a large sensing screen with a normal blackboard size and working under the support of computer hardware and software. Its function is equivalent to a computer monitor and replaces the traditional blackboard.
Founded in 2008, Hongtian is one of manufacturers and manufacturers of Interactive White Board in China, and has been focusing on product development and innovation. We have our own R&D team and production plant, and hope to cooperate with you in the future.
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