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Effective Ways To Improve The Use Of Tablet Computers
Sep 25, 2017

Since its birth, tablet PC has been loved by many people, especially its excellent support for web pages and multimedia, which has made its users more and more. But it has also encountered many problems in the process of development. Like cell phones, tablet PC battery standby time is also a big problem.

Although not the same day at a mobile phone, but because of its larger screen so in terms of power consumption than the mobile phone much, and large capacity battery in use after the time is very long, so many people in the use of tablet is very confused. Then, I will take all of these questions to answer, through some small skills to help your flat extended standby time, want to know a friend may wish to continue to look down.

Try not to turn off when using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth GPS

Even if the user does not access the Internet and does not navigate, the corresponding modules on the tablet will also consume electricity. In the settings of the iOS and Android systems, you can see these switches, which are recommended to be switched off when not in use. Of course, if you don't take the plate out to the outside, you don't have to close it. Switching off unused modules saves power