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Hongtian Gained High Popularity At Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Exhibition
Oct 30, 2017

Hongtian gained high popularity at Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Exhibition



2017 Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics(Autumn) Exhibition in Asia World-Expo perfect ending! In the exhibition site, Hongtian attracted a lot of buyers from around the world to visit, In the spread of brand promotion, we also established the initial intention of cooperation with many customers, reaped a good harvest.


Many buyers visited at Hongtian’s booth



Hongtian obtained cooperation intention from buyers around the world, step by step to establish a huge overseas sales market. Since then, Hongtian people will redouble their efforts, excellence, strengthen scientific research, continuous innovation, with our own progress to promote the development of the communications industry for the global consumers to provide the perfect user experience! We also look forward to Hongtian will have more surprises presented to everyone!