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How To Choose Your Own Android Series Smart Watch?
Sep 25, 2017

Now, smart watches feature almost no difference from mobile phones, which can play music, receive and dial phones, and also install their favorite applications. We can be sure that how long it will take before the mobile smartphone functions. Now the market watches, functions and design are good and bad, then how to choose a suitable for their own smart watches?.

1. check to see if it is compatible with your Smartphone

Buying smart watches doesn't appeal to functionality and looks, but you also need to see if you're compatible with the smartphone you're using. If you buy a smart watch with your hair hot, and then find that it is not compatible with your Android device, this will be a big drop, almost as much as buying a small brick.

So, before buying, be sure to ask about its compatible Android device system, and if the site's sales staff is not clear, it is best to purchase online inquiries.

2. figure out what you're going to do with it, and choose the design that best suits your lifestyle

Different products have their own unique functions, so before buying, you should figure out what you want to do with it.

For example, you are a tide of people, smart watches to choose fashion design, if you love reading, choose a smart watch dial some, if you are a home, choose a smart watch some of the high-end configuration.

3. know the battery life and standby time of the product you are prepared to purchase

For electronic products, it is important to know the battery's standby time and service life. I don't think anyone would like to power the product several times a day.

Generally speaking, a smart watch with black and white screen can run for 4-5 days at one time, while the color screen usually lasts about 1-2 days.

The purchase of smart watches does not depend on official information, which is the largest theoretical figure, but in practice it is often difficult to reach. You should look at the user's comments, these are the most authentic data.