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Laptop Maintenance Method
Sep 25, 2017

Do not use in an unstable environment, such as on a car. The damage to the hard disk is so great that even the hard disk is scrapped. Shutdown is also true. When the shutdown needs to be switched on again, it is better to wait for another minute to turn on the machine. It's better to switch off for more than 20 seconds before moving your laptop.

Do not use in an environment that is too high or too low, which has the greatest impact on the LCD and batteries. It is best not to lower the temperature at 10 degrees Celsius. The high temperature is best not to exceed 30 degrees celsius.

Notebook should be away from microwave ovens, speakers and other magnetic material, so hard on the hard disk, and even let the hard disk of data disappear. Memory location away from the phone, a class of electronic products that produce high frequency signals.

Note: regular cleaning care on the notebook, the notebook computer is a relatively fragile equipment, so we should pay attention to regular cleaning and care of the. In detail cleaning, we should first turn off the laptop power, and then take out the battery. When cleaning a liquid crystal display, it is better to wipe it lightly with a soft cloth that will not be dropped in the water. There is no need to buy those special notebook cleaners. Clean the keyboard, you should use the suction nozzle and brush with the smallest and most flexible vacuum cleaner, dust will be the key gap between the net absorption of soft cloth, and then slightly moistened wipe cap, cleaned immediately after a with a dry cloth, remember, don't let a drop of liquid into the internal shell. Also, never use a caustic liquid to clean your laptop, or use alcohol.