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Smart Watches In The Purchase Should Be How To Better Choice?
Sep 25, 2017

At present, the smart watches on the market mainly have the following functions: call, location, a key SOS, remote pickup, electronic fence, free of interruptions, micro chat, watch anti picking, alarm clock, health monitoring, etc.. To make a position call, watch, location and call function are required. In addition, if the conditions you can choose, DND and micro chat function watch is a good choice, as long as the opening period do not disturb, you don't have to worry about the rest to be disturbed; leisure can also use the app mobile phone and send text and voice chat micro dialogue, and more family interaction. Smart wear

At present the product on the market is divided into double [GPS+LBS], the base station location (position three [GPS+WIFI+LBS (base station)], four [GPS, WiFi, LBS positioning (base station), acceleration sensor four], positioning can achieve the highest outdoor indoor 5 meters, a maximum height of 15 meters, but the WiFi will the power consumption, and radiation, and some brands from a WiFi positioning, this also is the future trend of intelligent products. Smart watch development

The battery capacity of the watch is directly proportional to the endurance, and the higher the battery capacity, the longer the endurance, and now the capacity of smart watches is generally about 400 ma. As our company is 500mAh, in addition to the size of the battery capacity, watch habits, saving algorithm watch itself will affect the battery life, it is recommended to select those with acceleration sensor watches, this watch joined the saving algorithm, can analyze the wearer's behavior to open or close some relatively large power consumption components (such as GPS WiFi, etc.), thus more power.

In appearance, of course, the choice of texture, quality and clothing match the appropriate. You can watch the screen carefully identified, some brand advertising on the screen looks great, but in fact can show only a small fingernail size, this is because these watches and lens made of black screen, consumers seem to think is that big screen.