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The Characteristics And Application Of Tablet PC
Sep 25, 2017

The  tablet computer is a tablet computer used in  control, with perfect performance and the performance of commercial computers that are common in the market. The difference lies in the internal and civil tablet computer hardware, most of the products industry are  motherboard, mostly for  areas of special customization, wide temperature adaptability, can meet the needs of a variety of harsh environment. It differs from commercial motherboards in non - mass production and has a relatively stable product model. As a result, the price of an  tablet is also higher than that of a civilian tablet computer, and the other is the RISC architecture. In industry, the demand is simple and the performance requirements are not high, but the stability is very good.

Features of  tablet computers:

With the commercial machine performance is better and better, a lot of  field have already begun using cheaper commercial machines, and commercial aircraft market is undergoing tremendous changes, people began to prefer relatively user-friendly touch tablet computer. Therefore, the  scene, with touch control tablet PC will be the future trend,  touch tablet PC is also a kind of  computer, and compared with ordinary  computer, it has the advantages of the following points.

1,  touch panel PC front panel mostly aluminum magnesium alloy die-casting molding, the front panel to NEMA IP65 protection level. Sturdy, durable, and light in weight.

2,  touch panel computer is one of the structure of the machine, the host, LCD, touch screen as a whole, stability is better.

3, using the current popular touch function, can simplify the work, more convenient and quick, more humane.

4,  touch tablet PC is small, installation and maintenance is very simple.

5, most  touch screen tablet computer fanless design, using large finned aluminum block heat dissipation, low power consumption, low noise.

6, beautiful appearance, widely used.

In fact,  computers and commercial computers have always been complementary and inseparable. They have different fields of application, but they influence each other and promote each other, reflecting the progress of science and technology. Now do better is the extension of Sanqi and Taiwan Advantech, Advantech visibility is relatively high, but the price is higher. High volume applications, the choice of domestic Sanqi extension of the  tablet computer, can significantly improve the guarantee integration without decreasing the quality of the project profits.

Application areas of  tablet pcs:

1, the  site can be embedded in the machine, cabinet, or placed on the operating platform to do man-machine display interface.

2, used in telecommunications, power, multimedia, national defense, automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields, the number of used as man-machine interface, thin client, PLC and POS communications, control terminals.

3, digital hospital to do bedside services terminal and outpatient terminal, to improve the service and management level of the hospital.

4, the media, commercial players, or inquiry terminals in public places such as banks, shopping malls, hotels, railway stations, buses, subway stations, parks and other public places.

5, high-end residential service terminal, to achieve intercom, message, cost inquiries, commodity orders, household appliances management, temperature and humidity control.