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What Are The Advantages Of An All-in-one Computer?
Sep 25, 2017

1, appearance: the most characteristic is concise, do not need messy head and disorderly accessories, make its appearance beautiful and generous. Convenient placement. There is a small table in your home that will fit you.

2, power consumption: as a result of the LED LCD screen and thermal conductivity of the cooling system, coupled with notebook structure design, so that it has lower power consumption. About 3/1 of the normal desktop computer's power consumption.

3: Performance: the same as the desktop computer components.  Desktop computers have the same capabilities as a computer, and can be extended and upgraded. However, limited by heat dissipation, the expansion space is not very large.

4, portability: one machine, computer integration is high, it hosts, speakers, cameras, microphones and other integrated into the display, just outside the key mouse, power and network lines will be fine. With a wireless range, only one power line is needed.

An all-in-one computer is a new form of computer that integrates the main part, the display part, and even the keyboard and mouse. The innovation of this product lies in the high integration of internal components.

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