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What Are The Advantages Of Smart Watches Compared To Traditional Watches
Nov 08, 2018

What are the advantages of smart watches compared to traditional watches?

1. Analyze from the appearance

Compared with traditional watches, the biggest advantage of smart watches is that they can change the dial according to their needs. If you need business style today, you should use a business elegant surface. If you are exercising, you can choose a dial with digital time, heart rate and motion data.

2. From the function to analyze

Smart watches are wearable, wearable devices, and have the dual functions of mobile phones and watches. Relatively speaking, they have many functions, intelligent functions, navigation and positioning, health monitoring, and timing, of course, almost connected to the Internet. The automatic calibration time, the so-called quasi-inaccurate problem does not exist; the smart watch function is more complete, can talk, chat WeChat, some functions of the mobile phone, while the traditional watch, relatively speaking, less function.

3. Endurance

Smart watches can determine whether they are exercising or doing sports. In addition, the physical training app has added yoga, hiking and other sports types, and supports a total of 14 sports.

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