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What Are The Chips For An All-in-one Computer?
Sep 25, 2017

1 Intel chipset

Intel company: Intel (IntelCorporation), headquartered in Santa Clara, california. By Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore, Andy Grof, in the name of integrated circuit (integratedelectronics) co founded Intel company. The current executive is chairman Craig Berit and President and CEO Paul Odenning.

With the popularity of PCs, Intel has become the world's largest technology giant in the design and manufacture of semiconductors, Intel.

Intel, the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, was founded in 1968 with a history of 35 years of product innovation and market leadership. In 1971, Intel launched the world's first microprocessor. The move not only changed the company's future, but also had a profound impact on the industry as a whole.  The microprocessor computer revolution and the Internet revolution have transformed the world. 2 AMD chipset

AMD profiles: AMD is the abbreviation of AdvancedMicroDevices.  AMD is a global provider of innovative microprocessors, flash memory and low-power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries. AMD is committed to helping its customers provide standard - and customer centric solutions for technology users - from businesses, government agencies to individual consumers.

Since the establishment of the 1969 company, AMD has gone through 36 years. But what AMD really pays attention to is only in recent years. This marks the emergence of a new AMD.  Following September 2004, the AMD Greater China headquarters was officially announced in Beijing after the establishment of the AMD Canton alliance, a continuous profit, continue to create one after another brilliant. "New AMD" is changing the entire computing industry. At the same time, AMD has also achieved many industry's "first."". "Greater China is one of the most active technology markets in the world," said Dr. Lu Yizhi, chairman and CEO of AMD's board of directors, when he came to China in March 2005. "It is of unparalleled importance in the AMD global strategy.". Information technology will make China the highlight of world economic growth, and AMD will strive to contribute its strength to the growth of China's economy in the field of information technology."

3 VIA chipset

Via the customer base to cover the major global OEM manufacturers, motherboard manufacturers and system integration industry. VIA chip group in the overall performance and Intel and AMD has a certain gap, but also has its own advantages, that is, low power consumption and relatively low prices.