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What Is The Function Of A Smart Watch
Oct 30, 2018

What is the function of a smart watch?

In addition to the traditional watch function, smart watches also have some functions and health monitoring of smart phones; the main features of smart watches are described by the smart watch:

1, can send and receive text messages, emails in real time, and can check mobile phone calls in time;

2, built-in pedometer function, real-time monitoring of the state of motion;

3, through the accessories can achieve blood pressure, pulse, GPS and other data acquisition;

4, time and weather real-time query, not only can check the weather conditions, but also can view the pollution index;

5, WiFi independent Internet access, you can download a variety of software, rich entertainment features;

6, built-in Android 4.1 operating system, send microblogging, chat QQ, read the news, feel free to enjoy.