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What's The Difference Between Tablet And Laptop?
Sep 25, 2017

The tablet computer is based on the flat shape, without a keyboard and flip, convenient can be put in the bag, generally not more than 10 inches of screen size, structure and components of ultra low voltage version of power, can install the x86 version of the Windows system, Linux system or Mac OS system PC. Support touch control, support handwritten speech, you can call the carrying terminal.

Tablet PC is the representative of the next generation of mobile commerce PC. From Microsoft's Tablet PC concept, the tablet is a PC without flip, no keyboard, small enough to fit into a lady's handbag, but full of functionality. In contrast to laptop computers, it also supports manual input computer configuration, or voice input, mobility and portability, but generally less performance than notebooks.

With laptops, but is more portable than a notebook, in terms of mobile Internet performance more prominent, such as the built-in 3G function, such as computer, tablet computer is famous! Apple's IPAD can be counted on a relatively well-known tablet computer users, many Ipad.

Now there are many products on the market of the tablet computer, I can only tell you that 80% are false "tablet computer" (which can be called the tablet, but can not be called computer), is actually a large size WIFI function with MP4, especially those with what Andorid tablet computer, if you want to ask this kind of difference products and notebook. In a word, is the difference between an Internet MP4 and notebook computer, want to use when used, no way! Last bought a tablet computer that depressed me for a long time, in addition to the basic login page and look at the pictures, listen to what other basic can do quite expensive!