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  • All in One PC

    All in One PC

    The concept of a computer-integrated desktop computer and an integrated desktop computer was first proposed by Lenovo Group. It refers to the integration of the host of a traditional split desktop into a display to form an integrated desktop. All in One PC advantage Simple wireless: The most compact and optimized line connection, all c
  • 4G Smart Watch

    4G Smart Watch

    Children's phone watch Function: multiple positioning, two-way call, SOS for help, school, holiday guard, touch and add friends, family group chat, step by step and so on. Some brands can also be smart waterproof and disabled in class. Safeguarding your child's safety will not affect your child's normal learning. Create a healthy and saf
  • Tablet PC

    Tablet PC

    A tablet, also called a portable computer, is a small, portable personal computer with a touch screen as the basic input device. It has a touch screen that allows the user to work with a stylus or digital pen instead of a traditional keyboard or mouse. Users can input via built-in handwriting recognition, on-screen soft keyboard, voice re
  • Smartphone


    A smart phone refers to a stand-alone operating system and a separate operating space like a personal computer. The user can install programs such as software, games, navigation and other third-party service providers, and can implement wireless networks through a mobile communication network. The general name for accessing mobile phone t
  • Laptop


    A laptop is a small, portable personal computer. Its development trend is that the volume is getting smaller and smaller, the weight is getting lighter, and the function is getting stronger and stronger. The main difference between a laptop and a PC is its portability. Compared with desktop computers, notebook computers have a similar s


    Small size, more convenient to carry, save space and make it more convenient to go out. Imagine putting the full power of a traditional desktop computer into a chic, compact box that is just the size of a book. Can be installed completely open Windows operating system, all kinds of software, games, all based on the user's personal prefe
  • Interactive White Board

    Interactive White Board

    The interactive whiteboard can communicate with the computer, connect the electronic whiteboard to the computer, and use the projector to project the contents of the computer onto the electronic whiteboard screen. With the support of a dedicated application, a large screen can be constructed and interacted with. Collaborative meeting or t
  • Monitor


    A display is also commonly referred to as a monitor. A display is an I/O device belonging to a computer, that is, an input/output device. It is a display tool that displays certain electronic files on a screen through a specific transmission device and then reflects them to the human eye. According to the different materials, it can be